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Santa Barbara Business Brokers: Delivering Maximum Value

The sale of one’s livelihood is usually a life-changing event that stirs up an array of emotional and professional challenges. In many cases, business owners also have real estate property tied to their operations, and we understand the added complexity this can create when it’s time to divest from one or both.

Is your Santa Barbara business for sale? Radius is in a unique position to ease you through this critical transition with a resident business brokerage expert in the sale of businesses in Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obisbo and other markets in the Central Coast. In business brokering as in commercial real estate, performing a thorough, precise and unbiased valuation is paramount to achieving a successful sale and delivering maximum value. Transactions frequently fail when buyers, sellers and financiers cannot see eye-to-eye on value.

Our business valuation process provides our clients with a distinct advantage in exit planning and negotiations. We perform valuations and appraisals for small businesses, middle market companies, and business units (<$100M Revenues) of major corporations. Our goal is to put you in the best possible position to achieve the outcomes you’ve worked long and hard for.

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Meet Robert Rauchhaus

Robert Rauchhaus, Senior Vice President of Business & Real Estate Ventures, is a licensed California real estate broker specializing in business brokering with an emphasis on larger companies and those that have fused business/real estate interests. Robert’s expertise includes business valuations, exit planning and mergers and acquisitions, as well as management consultation. He has worked with clients in a variety of industries including defense-aerospace, energy, telecom, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, agriculture and retail.

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Meet Robert Rauchhaus



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Neighborhood Bar
Santa Barbara Area
Premium Winery & Tasting Room
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10 Steps to
Effective Exit

The sale of a business is usually a life changing event. Radius is here to help you through this critical transition. Exit planning should ideally be undertaken three to five years before a business (or equity stake) is offered for sale. Modern, sophisticated buyers want to see certain “markers” in place. Let us help you maximize your net, post-transaction proceeds.

  1. Analyze historical financials and develop pro formas
  2. Estimate Fair Market Value (FMV) of your business
  3. Identify key value levers through strategic planning
  4. Improve/integrate financial and control systems
  5. Evaluate legal, tax and other liabilities*
  6. Develop a plan for retaining key employees, vendors and customers
  7. Discuss various deal-term scenarios (Asset vs. Stock sale, etc.)*
  8. Consider Tax Scenarios*
  9. Determine sale / divestiture strategy
  10. Identify potential transaction advisors / facilitators
*Items denoted by an asterisk need to be addressed in consultation with attorneys, CPAs and other professionals

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Centrally located in downtown Santa Barbara, Radius Business Brokering Services is based out of the Radius Commercial Real Estate offices, taking full advantage of the synergies created by our 20+ top-of-market brokers, expert support staff, and best in class operational and information systems.


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